Cleanblend 3HP Blender Review – CAUTION!

The following blender – the Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt Commercial blender – has had quite a rough reception. Even though the majority of the Amazon reviews are positive, there is a large amount very negative feedback. In this post, I summaries the negative aspects of this blender – this information is based on the Amazon reviews left by customers.

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Customer Review Summary

This commercial blender/smoothie maker has some of the plastic is falling off, some people say, and just shredding away. Everyone has gotten excellent communication from the sellers and the company themselves. Usually, you will always get a replacement or some kind of gift to help with the fight and hassle of using the product. The plastic it is made with is not sturdy and can be bent if you are to squeeze it too tight.

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The knobs are simple to use and turn very easily. Best if you use it on low setting because of how bad the material is that they made it out of. Some of the machines that have been sold are not cleaned up after the manufacturing process because there are reports of rough edging cutting people. The motor is not very strong and durable either because it seems to burn out very fast and may begin to smoke.

Some customers love the product until it starts messing up and they have to get rid of it. It blends well, but if you are using ice or something that is hard, then you will not be able to use it. Some people use it everyday and have no trouble maybe they just got lucky, and it was made correctly. If you follow up with some of the reviews on what people are saying it just depends on which feedback you are looking at if it is great or not. The sharp edge and the flimsy material has been the biggest complaints.

Ease of cleaning

If you are someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to cleaning it then it, goes pretty easy. But you can not always stick it in the dishwasher. The container being so horrible keeps you from being able to stick it under steaming hot water because it will just make it harder for you to use it.

If you ever spill anything on it then you have to figure out how to get under the knobs and inside the spinner. It can be very challenging if you are in a hurry and need to make your smoothie for the day ahead of you. You will need to use soap that is very gentle on the plastic, or it can cause it to crack and then it would have no good use anymore. The product is easy to take apart and easy to get inside of, just being so flimsy will make it harder to wash.

Noise Level

When you buy the product, it says that it is very quiet and will not give off a lot of sound but most people say that it is horrible. It will wake others up from a deep sleep. It never changes in tone, so it will always be very noisy.

If you are crushing ice or something that is frozen then it is very horrible to hear. Kids will cover their ears and so will you.

Are The Buttons Easy To Use?

The knobs are very easy to turn and use. You can turn the settings so that it will blend just how you like it. The only downfall of the buttons and knobs is that you can use them all but if you got unlucky and got a product that is not very well made you can not use the high speed.

The knob then becomes useless except for the low speed and then sometimes it will not crush the mixture. You have the on and off button then the knob in the middle. The knob in the middle of the Cleanblend has the power speed. You can not tell what speed you are at but you can see that the speed goes all the way up. Just keep turning until the speed starts crushing the mixture and makes it smooth so you can drink it how it should be drunk.

You also have a pulse button that you can turn on and use if you just want to mince something or crush it just a little bit. Make sure you read the books so you can tell which one will work with what ingredients. Using the pulse button will have it just chopped up a little and maybe useful for things like nuts, fruits, crushed ice. The blender knob is good for your smoothies, ice cream, or anything that needs to be chopped up into tiny pieces to be used for a smoothie or crumbs.

Negative Features?

Negative features include the flimsy plastic. This is because people keep breaking the container. The noise level is high. The knob is another because you can not turn it up all the way and then end up not getting the smooth drink that you are looking for. The sharp edges that are left on the blender can be classified into this group to because some people have harmed themselves unintentionally when trying to use this item.

Waking up in the morning you don’t want to end up with a big gash on your finger, or a headache from trying to make your drink for the day. Also because of the plastic not being so sturdy, you could have a cracked the container from just crushing the ice. All of these features make no one want to buy the product and end up just getting a different one.

Then you have to wait on the people to send you a new one or for you to get your money back. No one wants to sit on the helpline and fight with customer service for an hour over a stupid blender.


Based on the reviews I read I would say that this blender seems like pot luck!

Some people love it, but due to the large numbers of poor reviews, there seems like there may be a design flaw or a production error where a certain percentage are incredibly bad, sometimes dangerous!

If you want to buy it and give it a try then, by all means, give it a shot. However, there are probably better alternative commercial blenders out there, given the issues the Cleanblend has with this particular model.

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