Best Milkshake Blender For 2017

Milkshakes can be tricky to blend because we all have a different idea of what makes the best milkshakes, right?! Some like them thick, others milky and watery. Others, like then with chunky bits in it but I think most like it smooth.

Regardless, you do need a powerful blender that can cut through the ice cream fast and without killing the motor in your blender. With that in mind, I have chosen the Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp blender as the best milkshake blender. Here are my thoughts;

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Ease Of Cleaning

Hamilton Beach and Jamba Appliance teamed up to make the 64 Oz Jar Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender that many pride in, as it’s the best milkshake blender in the market today. This happens to be true even when it comes to cleaning. All you need to clean the blender is to add water halfway up the jar, add some drops of washing liquid, and blend using either of the settings.

The extra-large 64-ounce BPA-free jug is shatterproof. It also has a stainless steel blade, 1000w engine, and an all-metal drive, easily power-crush through frozen fruits, nuts, ice, and seeds. It can blend enough fruits for the entire family, or you can just as well easily make your own smoothie. You can also make blended appetisers or desserts and enjoy fresh ingredients and vibrant flavours, and the best part is—it’s easy to clean after use.

Compactness plays a role in ease of cleaning. Since its height is only 17.3 inches, it simpler to clean and can as well fit in most cabinets. However, the powerful motor and the low top mean that the top also becomes dirty and extra care must be taken when cleaning.

Whether you want to add more fruits, nuts, and vegetables to your diet together with breakfast smoothies, afternoon green juice pick-me-ups, nut butter for sandwiches, or creamy hot soups for dinner it does it all. The 2.4 horsepower motor rotates so fast that any particles on the blender just come off on their own. You just need to drain the water and rinse. However, the main caveat is that cleaning is best done immediately after use. Fruit and milkshake can stick on the blades if left for a long time making it harder to wash.

Noise Level

As far as value for money, portability, and other features are concerned, the 64 Oz Jar Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender is a perfect choice with a big capacity for blending all varieties of fruits at a maximised noise. The blender combines powerful mixing capabilities with versatility in the kitchen.

With pulse function, and four program settings for a walk-away convenience and unlimited speed dial for precise control, the blender yield finger licking fruit juices and smoothies at the lowest noise possible. It’s even almost impossible to hear fruits blending from the next room.

All blenders are noisy because of the motor used. However, some sound insulation has been utilised to reduce the noise level in the Jamba Appliances 2.4 horsepower blender. In comparison with other high-end devices, the 2.4 horsepower motor is noisier than 2.0 horsepower motors blenders.

However, the soup and smoothie settings are not as noisy as the whole juice and ice crush settings. The thick plastic jar gives some noise insulation. Overall, the noise level will probably jolt your baby awake.

If you want a quieter blender then check out this cheap Ninja blender! 

Are The Buttons Easy To Use?

The blender control panel has four programmed settings for juice, ice, smoothie, and soup crushers. There is also an analogue speed control dial with the start, stop, and the pulse buttons. These buttons are not complicated to use.

Even the aged and children will not suffer hardship using the device with a little instruction.

The analogue buttons are quite effective for use when blending as opposed to some blenders with touch screen buttons that are hard to press when the blender is running. The buttons are also durable, and it will be a while before you use your warranty.

Safety Features

A good safety feature added to the blender is a separate power button. It is located at the back as opposed to other analogue buttons whose buttons are visibly placed at the front. Thus, it is harder for children to accidentally turn on even when they reach for it on the kitchen counter.This makes it quite useful for families with children or pets.

The blender jar is made of thick plastic instead of glass. Glass jars are notorious for causing cuts when they break. A plastic jar provides comfort even if you have children handling the blender. The blender blades do not rotate when the blender is not on. This prevents any accidental cuts.

The blender is easy to use as it utilises simple blending steps- as simple as ABCD. It’s also built to provide years of fruitful blending; the Jamba Professional blender is surely backed by an eight-year limited warranty fry few customer get to use the warrant, 64 Oz Jar Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender is for sure the safest and durable in the market today.

With a tamper that is very helpful in removing spreads and salads from the blades, it has eliminated the risk of cuts. The compact design makes it safe to keep in cabinets with minimal risk of falling.

Negative Features

[these negative paragraphs are based on Amazon reviews of this product]

The compact design makes it messier than taller blenders. It is worth noting that this makes it easier to clean after the mess and the closeness to the blades helps in the blending. The extra 0.4 horsepower does not seem to make much of a difference when it comes to the speed. It takes as much time as 2.0 horsepower blenders.

The blender is quite noisy due to the powerful motor, and the blade design is not as class leading as expected. Another annoying problem is some fruits do not fully blend. This made some of the smoothies ghastly when you have to chew a semi-blended fruit. Strawberries were the most commonly unblended fruits in smoothies. This can be attributed to the blade design.

After some use, the plastic jar starts to stain, and it’s thus difficult to see the blending. Even though this was gradual, it affects the OCD. Furthermore, some cavitation occurred, and there was a need to stop midway and push down some fruits using the tamper to ensure a smooth blend.

Finally, the blender is somewhat expensive, and you can get other blenders with similar performance but at a better price. However, most of them did not have a tamper, and you have to fight the cavitation using spoons. It may not be the best milkshake blender, but it is certainly a contender for that title.

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