#1 Selling! Ninja Personal Blender – Review!

There are many variants of the Ninja Personal blender. However, one of the best-selling Ninja blenders is the Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456) – Best Price On Amazon

Smoothies provide numerous health benefits into your life. You will get all the nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits from vegetables and fruits. However, in order to make delicious smoothies, you will need a quality blender, such as The Nutri Ninja Pro.

This is a very personal and powerful blender. It allows you to produce fresh, nutritious drinks from the comfort of your home. This Ninja Personal Blender Review will explore the key features offered by this blender, to understand its features and functionalities at a greater perspective.


Design and Usability 

In terms of design, the Nutri Ninja Pro resembles the NutriBullet, with a very high rate of nutrient extraction. It has been fitted with a pro-extractor blade, for cutting through skins, seeds, and stems. This allows you full access to all the health benefits, provided by different varieties of foods. Nutrient extraction implies that the machine has the ability

Nutrient extraction implies that the machine has the ability to chop up veggies and fruits. Fruit juice bought from the store is usually loaded with artificial flavoring and sugar. Therefore, your homemade smoothie is healthier.


Despite the Nutri Ninja Pro being a relatively cheap and small machine, it packs a significant amount of power. In fact, its power is comparable to the bigger and high-end models. At 900 watts of professional power, you are sure that this machine will break down vegetables and fruits, to give you nutrient-rich juices, wherever you are. It has the ability to blend vegetables and whole fruits, including sections that are usually discarded as waste by other blenders.

Ease of Use 

This blender is simple and sleek. Its packaging box contains a motorised blade, its attachment, an 18-ounce cup, a 24-ounce cup as well as two custom fit lids. It also comes with an instruction manual, which is helpful and straightforward. There is also a recipe book to ensure you get started right away.

To use this blender, you just need to load the ingredients into one of the cups, seal it with the bladed lid, and then flip it over. After that, return the base and lock it into position. Push the pulses down and wait for your ingredients to achieve the desired consistency. Once your smoothie is ready, you just unlock your cup from the base, remove it and then flip it, as you unscrew the blades.

As you can see, the machine is easy, effective, as well as fun to use. Your blending container is easily turned into a drinking cup, within a few minutes. It is powerful enough, to allow you to prepare your smoothie quickly. The good thing about it is that you just have to use the pulsing technique, to control the thickness of your smoothie. If you want a finer smoothie, just hold the container down towards the base.


Ease of Cleaning 

The Ninja Personal Blender is dishwasher safe. This means that you can place the lids and the cups inside your dishwasher for cleaning. This also includes the blade attachment. When the base needs cleaning, simply wipe it off with a damp piece of cloth.

Another advantage of this blender is that food materials or smoothie ingredients don’t touch the outside of the base. Therefore, a quick wipe-down is just enough. Alternatively, you can add warm water and dish soap to either jar and then pulse a little bit. Once you are done, rinse everything with running water and your blender is ready for use again.


The pieces of the Ninja Pro fit perfectly together. Although it does not have handles, you will still get a strong grip. Moreover, all parts used in making this blender are BPA free. There are no health or safety hazards. The blade used on this blender has no risk of breaking since it is thick and strong. You also don’t have to worry about slicing your fingers, whenever you are cleaning the blades.

Noise Levels 

The Nutri Ninja is average when it comes to noise levels. In fact, it is much quieter than the larger blenders today. This can be attributed to its power, solid construction, as well as the sharp blades, which cut through produce with ease.

Bottom Line 

This is high quality and fantastic blender, produced by one of the most trusted brands in the industry. It has numerous great features as well as being powerful and easy to use. It has a high nutrient extraction capacity, with a good design. Despite its few shortcomings, this Ninja Personal Blender Review highly recommends this product.

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