Bella Rocket Blender Review – 12 Piece Wonder!

Today, I am taking a look at the BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender, 12 piece set. This little 240W cheap smoothie blender has a lot of power for such a cheap machine. Let’s take a look at some of the features that makes this blender a great buy. [best price on Amazon]

Ease of Cleaningbella rocket blender review

The Bella personal rocket blender is designed for easy and quick clean up. The inside area of the main mixer can be reached without any difficulty. The cups that accompany the blender are dishwasher safe, which makes them quick and easy to clean.

The cups are smaller in size but have a wide mouth. This makes them quick to clean. You can easily wash them with your hand, with a cleaning brush or in a dishwasher. The blending cups and the lids are made of high quality, BPA free plastic.

You can clean the cups after every use, without having to worry about the damaging the material. It is easy to assemble and detach the various parts of this blender. You will have to waste no time disassembling the parts when you are in a hurry and also need to clean the blender.

The main body of the Bella blender is sleek and compact. A damp cloth will help you clean it within a few seconds. The two blending cups have a wider mouth and a narrower base. While a narrow base will require less time to clean, a wider mouth will help you reach the base easily.

Both the blending and the grinding blades are simple to clean. Unlike the traditional blenders where it is very difficult to clean the blades, the two blades of this blender are detachable and are separate from the main jar. The blades can be cleaned with the help of soap solution and warm water.

bella rocket blender

Noise levels

The Bella blender has optimal noise levels. The churning of the ingredients inside the blender and the usage of the motor does produce a noise, but the noise levels are not too high and not disturbing. A blender with high power and high rotational velocity leads to high decibels, which produces the sound.

The blender has a power of 240W, which is sufficient to crush different kinds of ingredients, but it is also smooth enough to produce less noise. Anybody looking for a high power and low noise personal blender will find this blender very useful. You can use the blender in early mornings and late nights, without having to worry about waking other people in your household.

The high-speed motor is bound to make some amount of noise that is not too jarring. There is a simple yet effective way to kill the little noise that it produces. You can place the blender over a thick sheet of cloth or a towel on the kitchen slab, if you wish to kill the noise completely.


Are the buttons easy to use?

The Bella personal rocket blender is designed to grind and blend various ingredients with a simple press and twist operation. You just have to insert the main switch in the socket. This is as simple as it can be. There are no buttons on the blender to switch it on or off. The blender has twelve separate components.

They can be easily assembled for use. The user needs to attach the required blade into one of the blender jars. This jar needs to be attached upside down to the blender base. You can gently turn the jar to lock it on the blender base. You should press the blender jar gently to start the blending and grinding process.

The motor will work as long as you exert pressure on the blender jar. This method of usage makes the Bella personal rocket blender very simple to use. Different ingredients can be easily blended within a few seconds by this twist and press method. You don’t have to go through the hassle of using buttons to operate on the blender.

There are no extra buttons to monitor the blending process. The jars can easily fit into the blender and can also be easily twisted.

Are the safety features good?

The body of the blender is durable. The jars are built to withstand the pressure exerted by the high-speed motor. The cups are made of BPA-free plastic, which makes them safe. You can keep and blend your ingredients in the blenders, without worrying about any hazardous effects that the plastic can have on your food items.

The blending and the grinding blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. This also makes sure that your food items remain safe, and there are no changes in the food value of the ingredients that you are using. While the jars are unbreakable, they are also spill proof. The jars come with a maximum mark on them.

The maximum mark is used to denote the level up to which the jar should be filled. There is no spill of food or liquid items if the user adheres to the marking used. There are some basic guidelines that the user manual can provide the user. If you are careful enough to follow these basic guidelines, there can be no potential unpleasant incident with the blender. The body of the blender has rubber feet. This gives it a good grip even when the ingredients are being churned at a high speed.

The blender doesn’t move, or the food doesn’t spill while the blender motor is working. The blender also comes with various protection policies. These can be bought by the user to ensure further safety and protection.

honest bella rocket blender review

Negative features

People looking for blenders that are large enough for blending various ingredients for the entire family in one go might find this blender a little unsuitable. The Bella personal rocket blender is ideal for personal use and is designed for a single person. Being suitable for the needs of a single person makes it a personal blender.

You can prepare your juices and smoothies in a matter of seconds and can put a lid over the jar to use them as drinking cups. While you can move around your house and work area with the cup, it might not be ideal for long travels. The liquid might spill if you are not careful while traveling with the cup. Even with the lid on, it might not be spill proof during travels.


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