Head To Head! Nutribullet VS Ninja Master Prep

 Smoothness of Blending NutriBullet – [best price on Amazon]

The NutriBullet blends really smoothly. It does not give you much shaking unless you put something particularly hard inside of it. It will blend ice, but do not try to test its limits too much or you might end up damaging the blades. The NutriBullet will cut through seeds and almost any fruit or vegetable. You can make shakes of almost any type of this thing. It is amazing how stable the machine is and how much control you have over the container when it is blending its contents.

The results are spectacular and delicious (depending on what you decided to make). The blender only has 1 speed, but you do not really need more power than what it comes with. The blender also comes with a cookbook if you are looking for some great recipes to try out. There are a lot of really great recipes contained in the thing. They do not really take much time to prepare since really all you are doing for prep is chopping any larger fruits into smaller pieces. I would say that this blender does a much better job than you would expect for an $80 machine.


Noise Level – Will Your Eardrums Burst?

There should not be much noise when you are using the blender as it is well know for that. It is loud to some extent, but the sounds should not be rough or harsh. If the volume levels reach that description, then there might be too much substance in the blender. Make sure you do not fill up the container too much or you can ruin the machine’s blades. The NutriBullet is actually overall much quieter than I was expecting, for a blender.

Are the Buttons Easy to Use?

Simply press the top of the canister down in order to use the NutriBullet. It is really fun and easy to use. Put your fruit or veggies into the container and then press it down gently to get your puree finished. The blades are powerful enough to cut through any fruit or vegetable, so do not worry about damaging them. The 600-watt motor is really powerful and gets the job done well.

Some blenders take a really long time to clean. This blender is really easy to clean and should not take you more than a couple minutes. The design is really appealing. You can tell that this is a high-quality product.

It is a bit more expensive than other blenders of its kind, but it is worth the extra money. Just make sure to treat it right and it should last you many years.

Negative Features – As If!?

Some people have reported leaks in multiple units that they purchased. It seems to be a design flaw that has unfortunately made its way into some of the units. The liquid seeps through the container and drips everywhere. These cases are not as common as they seem to be, so it should not be an issue for you. If you do receive a faulty unit, you can send it in for a new one.

Ninja Master Prep – [best price on Amazon]

Smoothness of Blending – Smooth As A Fox!

The Ninja Master Prep is not as powerful as the NutriBullet, but it is only half the price. From that perspective, you can’t really complain about the results that you get. The engine is still pretty powerful, at 400 Watts. You can upgrade to 450 Watts for only $5 more. The blender looks much different than other blenders and attaches to the top of the container rather than the bottom. It comes with several containers and a couple different lids.

The blending is pretty smooth and the machine is really easy to use. There is not really much of a process at all. Just put in the fruit and get blending. Pressing down the top and watching it do its work is really satisfying. It can be a little rough when you put in harder things, like ice, but it still gets the job done.

I was really surprised by the quality of this thing since it is only $35. The normal container holds 16 oz while the larger pitcher can hold up to 48 oz.


Noise Level – No Way!

This blender is a bit noisier than the NutriBullet, but that is to be expected. It is cheaper and less stable than its counterpart. Even so, I did not have any issues with the noise level. It is even louder when blending frozen substances. It does sound a little worrying when you are blending ice, but the machine will be fine. It is normal for things to sound a little loud at times. That is just the machine doing its work. You will not break the machine unless you decide to put in rocks or something crazy. Just take care of the blender and it will take care of you.

Are the Buttons Easy to Use?

The machine is located at the top of the container and has a large grey button at the top. All you do is press down that large button and watch the machine do its quick work. The pulsing button adds a lot of control to the blending process and is really simple to use. It is really cool that there is only one button on the thing.

Other blenders have a bunch of buttons that all do different things and it can really get quite confusing. There aren’t a bunch of complicated buttons and settings that you have to learn or tamper with in order to get blending. You can basically use the thing right out of the box without any issues. Not unlike the Oster 100 which has a crazy amount of buttons!

Negative Features

The Ninja Master Prep is much cheaper than the NutriBullet, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy it. For those on a budget, it is definitely the more attractive option and you will not lose sleep over the fact that you spend less money on it. I would recommend this to anyone looking to try blending shakes or even to those who have been doing it for a while. Check it out. You will not be disappointed!

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